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Beautiful Bicycle Flower Basket Showpiece

> This Lovely Bicycle Showpiece is a must have classy piece of modern day home decor. > Style And Utility - The Bicycle is made from rattan fiber and plastic, has movable tires, and is unbreakable. > The Package Contains: 1 Bicycle Showpiece (White) > Be it your living room, office desk, or coffee table, decorate the bicycle with flowers and its unique appearence would catch everybody's attention look good wherever placed. > Assured Guarantee: Right from the raw material, the designing, to the final creation, the combo has been entirely handcrafted in India.

Stylish Mini Buddha Statue Set(4pcs)

> Buddha Statue is placed for Prosperity, Abundance and Wealth Luck. > It is also believed that you can gift a Stylish Mini Buddha Statue to your friends and relatives. It also adds to your and their prosperity. > Stylish Mini Buddha Statue is a symbol of Good Luck. It attracts Prosperity, Success and Financial Gains. > You can place a Buddha Statue facing door in your home/office.